5 Ideas For Passive Income In 2021 | Passive Income Sources

Whether you’re trying to save some extra money for financial goals or you want to become financially independent, one thing which can help is passive income. Passive income is not something that everyone can have, it requires time, money and efforts to set it up. But once you start having passive income stream, you will be on the way to achieve your financial goals.

But some people might ask silly questions like why is passive income is important? Why can’t someone just be happy with one income stream?
I can’t really explain in details to someone like this but I will just show this quote.

No millionaire ever said that he became millionaire just by saving money.

Passive income also can help in bad times like last year. Suppose if you had some additional saving during lockdown? How much it would be helpful? But no worries, it’s never too late to start for a one or more passive income sources. I’ve listed some passive income ideas.

1. Sell Stock Photos On Shutterstock

Well, you will need some photography and editing skills to get sells on stock photo sites.

There are many sites which helps photographers to sell thier stock photos but I suggest shutterstock.com to begin with. There are two reason to start with shutterstock.

  1. You can take payout when you reach 35$.
  2. Shutterstock is a large websites with lots of buyers and sellers.

2. Writing A Blog

That’s what I do. Write about what you know and reach out a audience which likes to read your thoughts.

You will need some good writing skill. You will need to write like you’re talking to them. Make sure you don’t bore your audience.

Then you will need to get some traffic on your blog and once you get traffic, you will need to monetize you blog which will make you earn some $$$.

So basically, you need to have 3 skills here which listed below.

  1. Writing skills
  2. S.E.O and other promotional skills to get audience on your blog.
  3. Monetization of your blog.

3. Become A YouTuber

Now, YouTube have grown enough and have lot of users watching lot of videos but you know what? There not enough channels and there is still a gap between viewers and video makers. You can still start from zero and reach big audience.

You will need some editing skills. I suggest to watch other YouTube channels to watch & learn from them. You need to views all the videos with a creator’s eyes.

4. Write And Sell e-Books

Well if you are really good at something, you can consider writing an e-Book. But before you start, make sure that you have sells. Because this is very small industry.

5. Start Investing

Its never too late to start investing. But investing is not easy thing that anyone can start at anytime.

I suggest to gain some knowledge about our Indian stock market and mutual funds. Its better to start from mutual funds then you can go for direct shares.

I have written an article for beginners .