10 Interesting Fun Facts About Indian Stock Market

The journey of Indian stock market was like a roller coaster. BSE was the first stock exchange in Indian which started in the year 1979. BSE’s index, SENSEX’s base value taken at 100 points and as of 1st Jan 2021, SENSEX is at 47,850+ points. The Indian stock markets have seen many big rallies and big crashs. India even witnessed a big scam in 1992. The journey of Indian stock markets was amazing and it’s got a deep history. But we won’t be talking about the history, but instead, we made up a list of interesting facts which are worth reading. So, let’s begin!

1. Oldest Stock Market In Asia

Bombay stock exchange Ltd. (BSE) was established in the year 1875. BSE is located on dalal street, Mumbai.

2. Biggest Stock Exchange Company

BSE is the biggest stock exchange as well. Over 5000 listed companies are in BSE.

3. Base Points Of Nifty And SENSEX.

SENSEX base value was taken at 100 points in 1979 and Nifty 50’s base value was taken as 1000 points.

4. Very Few Indians Invest In The Stock Market.

Out of 1.3 billion Indians, there are only 18 million people invest in the stock market. This means hardly 1.5 indians are investing.

5. MRF Is The Costliest Stock

The stock, MRF is the costliest Indian stock markets. This has nothing to do with fundamentals, but the company just don’t splits the shares.

6. Nifty 50 has given 17.93% CAGR Since Its Inception. (1996 to 2020)

As you read in 3rd fact, Nifty 50 was launched in 1996 a base value of 1000 points and last year Nifty 50 index closed above 14000 points.So, its 17.93 % compounded annual growth, return in last 16 years.

7. SENSEX All Time Low.

Nowadays SENSEX is making records everyday by closing with historic highs, but do you know what was SENSEX’s all time low?Its just 113.28 points which was noted in December 1979.

8. Mostly FIIs Drives Indian Stock Market

As you read in 4th fact, very few Indians invest in the stock market. That’s a good opportunity for FIIs as they get stocks with moderate price in a country which has emerging economy.DIIs like LIC and others do invest, but not as much as FIIs does.

9. Indian Stock Exchanges BSE And NSE Ranks 10th and 11th.

Bombay stock exchange is the 10th largest and National Stock exchange is the 11th largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization according to Wikipedia.

Note: 2019’s data were used in Wikipedia’s ranking. Ranks might be changed.

10. 19 Listed Companies Has Market Cap Equal Or Above 1 Lakh Crore

The data we took is 6 months old (31 march, 2020) and few new companies could be added. You can check whole list from here.

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